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Cookie Policy

It is clear that websites use a definite type of web technology in order to get user information, and we do it as well. Check out how it works.

Cookies from Inside

To make long things short, a Cookie file is such a little text file that is sent to your computer by our website. We distinguish 2 main types of cookie files. The first one is session-based. When you close your browser, they are self-deleted. The second type is persistent Cookies. They are kept on your computer unless you begin to delete them by yourself. By the way, it is very easy to delete them manually.

Check out here to get more details.

Is It Useful for Us?

Yes, it is, but it works the other way what you might think. Such files are only worth for future UX improvements and statistics. The vast majority of Cookies are utilized in order to prevent you from logging in to some service a number of times.

Cookies are utilized in order to make your service experience more safe and secure. Besides, it will be much easier.

Cookies in Advertisements

Cookies are an essential tool for advertising someone’s products and services. We also use such a tactic in order to get to know what you prefer the most and keep up with the competition. Cookies assist in monitoring your priorities, building up and researching proper statistics information to make want to get back to one more time over and over again.

Don’t Like to Utilize Cookies?

It’s okay. We do not force anyone. We work in the opposite way. There is an ability in every browser to limit the use of Cookies for each site you might visit.

There are Cookies Management protocols in each major web browser. Here are some of them for you to use below:

When you use some other browser, do refer to their user manuals and documentation.

Go to the browser’s settings, hitting the Privacy section, when you want to restrict or delete the use of Cookies. There the use of Cookies is possible to be managed.

Disabling third-party cookies from Google Analytics is possible if you visit their website, where you can find all.

When you visit the Digital Advertising Alliance, you might select not to view the interest-based advertisements. You can tweak your iPad or iPhone settings to disable the ads which are interest-based too.

When you do it, note that it might modify your UX with some websites. Sometimes it might even restrict your access. Hence, you will not be remembered by a website to be a registered visitor. So you will have to log in over and over again. Meaning, the security might be minimized too.

Cookies We Utilize


Such Cookies let you log in fast because they “remember” your details. Such files allow us to view the relevant data you put in when you access the website.


Such Cookies are the protectors and assist in monitoring malware or any other harmful activities. They also keep the security of your PC.


Such files assist us in making the experience be extremely customized. It is concerning your forms and preferred language. For instance, you won’t need to fill out the order forms again and again with all the relevant data.


We utilize such Cookies in order to view the way the user navigates the website and market the services in the most efficient way. Our partners might utilize Cookies too. They will do it to provide us with data regarding your activity with our products and services.

Analytics and Research

Such Cookies are important when we want to improve our website to help you enjoy using them so it will be convenient for you. It is about logging of the user’s activity, helping to make the product we offer better.

Have any Questions?

If you have some questions concerning our Cookie Policy, you may contact us whenever you want at [email protected]