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Privacy Policy

Each site you visit collects some data that is further processed. This is usually a surprise to users because the service does not warn them about data collection. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide for you, in what cases and why we collect personal data.

Information about us

Our service is called Instantwritings.com. Therefore, all the information you read in this article relates directly to our company and does not necessarily apply to others. If you use our website, mobile application, or receive other services from our website, we must warn you of our rules.

We collect data to improve your use of the service, as well as to secure the use of resources. It may seem to you that we are collecting information to use it for our benefit or distribution. However, our task is to protect your privacy and keep your data following safeguards.

Our guide to collecting information

We want to assure you that we control the collection of information. Here are the guidelines we use to improve privacy:

  • We do not demand from you any personal data that is not needed for use or may harm you. Depending on the service you order, we require a certain piece of information.
  • Our experts are constantly working to improve ways to protect information. We do not store data on intermediate services so that outsiders can not use them.
  • We honestly write about ways to collect information so that you know what to rely on. We believe in the rule: forewarned means armed.
  • Our actions are legal. In order not to endanger ourselves and you, we follow legal standards and constantly expand our knowledge of laws.

We mainly receive data from you by inviting you to sign a special agreement. However, there are times when you sign an agreement with campaigns that are our partners. In this case, we have access to the information that you sent to partner sites. Do not worry: you always know about all the sites that can view your data, as it is written in the conditions of use.

By signing the agreement, you give the right to data processing so that we provide you with the necessary use of services. Regardless of whether you sign a contract or agreement, we are committed to protecting your personal information.

Kinds of data we may collect

When you go to our website, whether it’s the home page or another, we receive some data about you and your connection. These data include:

  • Main data about the device with which the connection occurred. Thus, we can understand what is the optimal data transfer rate so as not to damage the device or connection.
  • How you use the site. It is mainly used to optimize site pages for your convenience.
  • The IP address using which you are logged in.

An additional way to collect your data

Like most websites, we use cookies, which include basic information about the connection and some personal data. When you enter the site, a window pops up at the bottom of the screen that has a link to detailed information. Please note that we always notify you of the use of cookies, so we have collected a list of data that is collected and reasons due to which we do it:

  • E-mail address. Receiving your email, we think about keeping in touch via the Internet without using instant messengers. We also use mail to send data related to the acquisition of services or price reductions. However, we also get your phone number to have a quick contact in case of hacking or malfunctions.
  • The location. In this way, we protect you from fraud associated with the use of your account. This is a quick way to verify your identity. We can also accurately calculate the percentage of tax that is set in your country.
  • Full name. It is used to protect the account and use personal information for purchases on the site. The name is also used to draw up contracts and tax bills.
  • Accurate geolocation. Data is used when paying for services to check.

Reasons for collecting your data

We understand your concerns regarding the appropriateness of using your data. Therefore, we have compiled a list of why we need your information:

  • To sign an agreement or contract with you. In this case, we are guided by legal norms and laws.
  • To determine the delivery address of products whose purchase is framed through our website.
  • To inform you about the data about the service that you are interested in or purchased in our company.
  • To inform you about the data about the service that you are interested in or purchased in our company.
  • For other reasons related to the personal policy of the Company.

Grounds for collecting and processing data

Before collecting data, we send you a request for the use of personal information. We can get your agreement from a contract or contract. Agreements can apply both to the use of the site and specific services.

Reasons for data processing:

  • Contract signing
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Product purchase
  • Legal norms

How you supply us with personal data

  • Providing data through a special form
  • Ordering a specific product
  • Interaction with other users through the site
  • Sending a message or letter

Other sources we can get your data from

We may also collect data that our partners, companies of our network or contractors collect. When transferring data to any other company, you can familiarize yourself with the contract in which the network partners are indicated. If you filled out the form in advertising or marketing agencies, some of them may work closely with us.

Please note that we are responsible for your actions on the site. Therefore, the files that you received or transferred using our service are duplicated in our repository. Before uploading a document, make sure that you have a legal basis for its use.

Services that have access to your data

As well as receiving, we can transfer your data to partners or contracting companies. Their complete list is always described in the agreement. We always supply data to the marketing department and our subsidiaries, which is legal. If you have consented, we may share data with third parties whose participation is not necessary.

Cases when third parties have access to your information

  • Purchasing a Instantwritings.com by another company. In this case, the information acquired by the site is acquired.
  • Norms of the law.
  • To improve the protection of user personal data.
  • To check data for threats or risks.

Sometimes we exchange statistics to improve the quality of service. In this case, your identity is classified and we use only data obtained as a result of your actions. However, you can both allow and deny us the use of this kind of information.

Storage and protection

Every day we improve the level of data protection of our customers related to the storage of information. Third parties do not influence your data, as they are protected by special encryption. Personal information is positioned in the USA or the EU.